How to Choose Packaging for Your Artwork

Packaging is a big part of the experience customers have with the brand. The font, box design, and color are what give products that you’ve created a lot of pizazz and set you apart. 

After you’ve created the right brand design and the packaging needed, you want to make sure that it works with the material you have. 

Art as well is an example of packaging you definitely want to make sure that you get right, and here, we’ll go over the best packaging design tips for artwork to use. 

The Best Materials 

There are two good materials for packaging art. 

The first is corrugated board, which is good for heavier art products, and also are god because you usually can get affordable shipping on this. 

Paperboard is another. This is light and foldable, and oftentimes, you can put retail and commercial products, including cosmetics and food goods in these types of packaging too. 

You should look to see what works best, and the best way to showcase the artwork on this. 

When it comes to paper products for packaging though, there is a lot of options out there, and you can do your research to find them as well. 

The Beauty of Kraft Corrugated 

Kraft corrugated is some of the best, and usually, the most versatile. It’s a brown coloring on the outer and inner parts of this, and it works with packaging that requires a darker feel to it. 

You can use digital printing and color to give a more bolder statement on this, and you also can create good branding and artwork too, ideal if you have a logo that you want to look clean and high quality as well. You can as well create bold images with different colors. 

Standard White corrugated 

Standard white corrugated is similar to kraft in that the liner is near the inner and outer parts of the boxes are made white. So all of the colors will look good when printed and are essentially “true to hue” as they call it. 

The mottling that’s there because of the paper fibers do alter the colors a little bit, but the sharp and vivid nature definitely looks good. 

There are some that can be cured so it has a satin finish to prevent scuffing and scratched when transported. 

Consider Recycled Corrugated Kraft 

If you want something that’s sustainable and affordable, recycled corrugated is a great option. This is not available from all retailers, but you can get designs that are custom print that offer black ink and different halftones.  It is a little more budget-friendly, is recyclable, and is customizable to the needs of the brand while also being versatile. 

It also is totally recycled, and definitely is made with cardboard too. 

While printing is a bit limited on these, since it has to be black ink from most retailers, the halftones definitely offer more options and can make you some shades which are radiant. This is definitely a crisper look, and it offers the best bang for the buck that you have, and it definitely is a good one if you’re looking to get the most out of this as well. 

you can even create a nice dream coat finish on that, and from there you can add a sleeker, glossier experience. 

When it comes to your artwork, being able to create a means to ship it out is really important not just because it will help you really make an impression, but it’s good for nice artwork to be packaged nicely as well.

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