How to Make your Custom Packaging Shine

Ecommerce has exploded, with trillions being spent, and almost all purchases these days are done online too. 

That’s why custom packaging is important, and we’ll go over what it is here, ad also what in the world custom packaging can do o make it so that you have functional and nice packaging to effectively market your brand. 

Why invest? 

Well it does a lot of good for you. Your brand identity is from there reinforced, and a lot of times, people remember you for the identity that your brand has, and also how you manage to give something unique to everyone who is there. 

It also is good marketing strategy, since it does capture the attention of customers, allowing you to create the right values and such. It’s good because it gets those who window shop out of that sort of mindset, and from there, actually buying the products that you have. 

It also will help with the customer’s experience. It also helps with keeping you on the right track, and really builds this experience too. This does go beyond what happens at checkout, but also when they receive it. The proper brand packaging and the like will definitely help with the way your products get arranged, improving the experience that you and your customers have. 

It also does offer long-term savings. This may seem weird, but if you think about it, with custom packaging, you’re giving the perfect-sized box so you’re not paying extra for it, and that reduces the overhead for you and your business. 

How to Stand Out 

So how do you stand out? 

Well first and foremost, look at the needs that you have. Is there anything perishable? Fragile? That’s being shipped overseas? 

Answer these questions, and from there you want to loo at the packaging that’s used, and the materials for this. You want to make sur that it protects the packaging while also communicating the brand’s message. Remember, your custom packaging does reflect the identity of your brand, and if you’re using the wrong packaging for this, it’ll create a disconnect, so prevent that. 

You should make sure that you also design the proper colors as well, and make sure that the brand design is reflective on the packaging, along with the inserts. You should make sure the name of the company, the logo, and a message to other people is included. 

You also want to take into account how much you can afford to buy right now. You may also want to get less functional packaging to start and then over time switch to other packaging if you see a budget increase. 

You also want to make sure that you have a fun design on the product packaging too.  A design tool such as Canva will help with this one, or you can hire a designer to do that one. 

You should choose proper custom packaging to help with this and make sure that you do have the designs in place, to make sure that it fits with the brand as well. 

Finally, add the final details to truly make it a good unboxing experience. Even a small like “thank you” note at the bottom is a good way to reaffirm customers. This communicates to others that they’ve made the correct decision when it comes to buying from you. 

You definitely want to make sure all of this is in there, and even consider a customer service number if you feel like you may have customers with questions on the packaging as well.

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