How to Avoid Overpackaging

Customers don’t want overpackaging, and they’re very loud about it. 

By overpackaging, we see it as packaging that’s way too much, and doesn’t really help in a functional manner. For example, a product that’s in a box that’s triple the size of the product is a good one. 

But despite this, a lo of people are now talking about it, and how the customer will rethink the decision to order from some companies. 

So why is it bad? What can you do about it? Read on to learn more. 

Why you Shouldn’t 

Overpackaging is really not good for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, it’s harmful for the environment. 

This can reduce the resources, impact the species of plants and animals there, and it does affect the raw materials and energy. 

This also can cost you a whole lot more, and for the consumer too. Adding too many protective layers does cost you money, and it can dive into the products. 

OVC and PET are some of the most common types of packaging, but only about 9% of this is recycled, and most of it ends up just being tossed away into the oceans or landfills. 

Being more minimalistic is really important, and a part of that of course is to not use too much packaging, but instead, minimize it so that it’s protected, but also so that you’re not just tossing away stuff. 

With more and more custom packaging companies springing up, it makes sense. People want eco-friendly packaging, so you can give it that. 

How to Fix this 

So how do you avoid the problem of overpackaging. 

The best way, custom packaging. 

That way, you’re not worrying as much about any excess material that hurts the environment, does cost excess money, and leaves you not happy. This is used to keep the product properly protected, and from there, will help keep it protected from when it leaves your area, straight to the customer as well. 

Custom packaging does have a lot of different benefits to this too, rather than just the reduction of overpackaging. 

For starters customers love custom packaging. They will have a better experience with unboxing this, and it does give you a good impression. They will want to purchase more from you, and of course, by doing this enough, more and more customers will want to buy more. 

Then of course there is the safety aspects that come out of this too. When you get custom packaging, it offers a better sort of protection within the business. It is really good to prevent tossing and turning, and also will reduce the chances of breaking, and of course, it’ll make sure your products are safe from beginning to end. 

Then of course, there is the costs associated with this. 

Custom packaging is actually a whole lot cheaper than just buying oversized boxes and such. Think about it, fi the box Is too big, then you’ve got to fill it up with some filling that costs money, and of course, you’ll also need to factor in the shipping costs. And let’s say that it gets damaged in transit? Whose going to have to pay for that one? 

You are of course. 

So when it comes to preventing overpackaging, not jus because it harms the environment, you definitely want to look into custom boxes. They’re a great way not only to let customers know of the brand and what you’re all about, but also gives a more personalized packaging experience. And of course from there it does affect the customer goodwill on many different fronts.

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